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What is this all about?

This all started with me posting songs (with the hashtag #MusicMonday) I found helpful in my walk with Christ, and has developed into a way for me to share music that is encouraging, inspiring and even challenging.

It’s all about music that hits you at your core with a message that will change your life! My musical tastes might vary greatly from that which is popular with many, but my hope is that everything shared through this forum would help the ones who listen.

I do not take music ‘submissions’ or take payment for music promotion.  My desire is that this would be more organic than that.  There are many resources (as I like to call them) that provide great streaming music, news, videos and even some free downloads as well.  These are where I have originally heard almost all them music I will share here.  You can check them all out at the sidebar on the right.


Can I share my music with you?

There are a few things I have learned in this process.  One of the most important ones is that developing lasting relationships is more important than a hit song.  I truly love to come to know the story behind different songs and music, and even more the story of the artist(s) who create it.  The opportunity to meet and get to know artists through sharing music has been unforgettable in many cases.

It’s also been expected that many have been asking to get their music on this website and the social media accounts that go with it.  The truth is that I am looking to partner with people, begin lasting relationships and build the Kingdom.  Music is part of the passion.  So, yes you can feel free to share your music with me.  Just know that my purpose here is part of a bigger picture, which may mean that your music isn’t shared here.